Monday, June 10


This experience uses pop-up windows so it is not compatible with mobile devices.

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This is a fun audiovisual experience that makes use of
many of your web browser's interesting features.

It's set to Vylet Pony's Antonymph song and lasts for 4 minutes.
It's also viewable as a video, should you prefer that.

Works the best on Chrome, but I've made sure most
    of it runs great on Firefox and Safari too.(?)

It is recommended to use a 1080p screen with 100% scaling,
although the MacBook's 1680x1050 resolution works too.

Your current display is [...]
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Toggle useless but fun info.
⚠️ PLEASE NOTE ⚠️ This experience contains flashing and intense visuals. This experience may cause freezes/crashes on slower computers. If you're getting lag in Chrome, try the Guest mode. Avoid using your mouse/keyboard during the experience, otherwise visuals and window order may break. 🦄 SETTINGS 🦄 Music volume Allow lyrics in URL (looks cool, but spams browser history) Accept tracking cookies (there are none so you can't accept) Let's go!
I guess I can make text scroll now 💖 What do you think of that?

The end!

Thank you for checking out this experience, I hope it was fun!
Feel free to leave a comment under the YouTube video.